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Concerning copyright and usage of my music i want you to inform, that i am independent and not a member of any label, organisation, etc.. I plead for myself.

Stagerider / Technical Rider – Informations for organizers

I need a table or a bar which must be at least 1,00m x 0,50m. Below that it will be very tight. This area should be reasonably clean and free of any decoration.

Power Supply:
220 Volt/50Hz Power Supply in promximity to the stage.

Audio / PA: My Mixer has 2 mono plugs. The cable from the stagemixer to the DJ-Setup or direct to the PA should be available.
A PA with enough headroom should be available.

Licht: It would be nice to come across a lightsetup, which is appropriate to stage proportion.

In case of doubt ask! All Details can be discussed upfront.

Owner of this Webpage:

Jens Rosenfeld
Lahnstr. 18
64347 Griesheim

eMail: webmaster ÄT circuitnoise PUNKT de
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